Which type of paper drill I have to use?

Which type of paper drill I have to use?

Some useful information before you commit to the desired drill. As a result of lessons learned over the years have developed three types of drills depending on their purpose. The main difference is in the application to work with different types of materials / media, ICE have the best quality indicators. Who are these species?

Type №1 RT-1 (like „Teflon ®“)
Paper drills sliding layer (RT-1) are made of high-quality special steel with a coating of nanoparticles. This results in lower frictional resistance and thus reduces the heating of the drill. With temperature-sensitive materials such as foil and plastic, sticking is avoided. They are therefore particularly suitable for drilling coated papers, laminated papers, plastic films and to a limited extent also for textiles and rubber. Our paper drills sliding layer are an excellent, environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative to Teflon paper drills.

Type №2 TiN
paper drills titanium (TiN) or also called titanium drills are made of high-quality special steel with a silver TiN coating. The titanium-nitride coating is characterised by very high hardness (2400 HV), very high wear resistance and good dissipation of frictional heat, which enables the titanium drills (TiN) to achieve long service lives. They are particularly suitable for drilling carbonless paper, aluminium foil as well as offset paper, copying paper, recycled paper, cardboard, paperboard and, to a limited extent, textiles and rubber.

Type №3 Hard-Chromium
Hard Chromium is a high-quality all-rounder for paper drilling. It combines the strengths of our paper drills sliding layer (RT-1) and hard chrome (HC). Hard Chromium paper drills have excellent properties at a favourable price and thus offer a high price-performance ratio. Hard Chromium coating has very thin, smooth and extremely hard. Therefore, the coating is very wear-resistant and stable even on hard materials (coated papers, cardboard, etc.). The cutting edge remains sharp for longer, i.e. the service life of the drill is increased or the tool costs are reduced. Due to the low coefficient of friction, the drill does not heat up so quickly, which makes it ideal for drilling temperature-sensitive materials (foils, etc.). At the same time, adhesions are avoided or reduced due to the smooth coating surface. Particularly suitable for drilling self-adhesive foils and papers, coated and laminated papers, OHP foils as well as transparent papers, coated and laminated cardboards, plastics and rubber.

Type №4 Tungsten-Carbide
The slightly rough coating increases friction resistance; increases stamina. Good for punching leather (natural or "eco"), muco, muco with laminated media, cardboard, luxury cardboard with a higher percentage of cotton in them.

Type №5 High Speed Steel - HSS

Paper drills high-performance steel (HSS) or also called HSS drills, are made of high-quality tool steel without coating and are best suited for drilling offset paper, copy paper as well as carbon copy paper on all common machines. This is a standard quality that can be used in many ways and is characterised by a favourable price-performance ratio.

Please note that all type 1 to 4 drills have up to four times the life/use of high speed steel drills...

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