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Die Cutting Press Cyklos C-PRESS 440

Robust and solid construction

Low-noise and little space consumption

Adjustable punching capacity from 20 to 72 mm

Manual and foot control

Possibility of cutting of small objects wrapped in plastic foil (toys, batteries, etc.)

All kind of punching dies optionally and individualised available

Easy to use

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Uchida AeroDieCut

Automatic die-cutting machine

Speed up to 1000 sheets/hour

Works with "standard" matrices

Easy maintenance and management

Immediate change of assignment

Works with 365 x 515 mm media

Intuitive control

Punch in 2 different ways the same sheet

Automatic sorting possible

Automatic waste separation possible

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Automatic creasing, perforating and punching machine

A new frictional media feed

Speed 2500 sheets/hour

9 management programs

A large selection of options for punching / spirals / die-cutting

A comfortable metal table on wheels

Telescopic feeding tray

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Decupator Paperfox Н-2

Desktop die cutting

Ideal for short run bespoke work

Multiple applications

Cuts card, leather, plastics etc.

700 mm working width.

Manual operation.

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Rotary Die Cutter 3852

For quick die-cutting of products with a non-standard shape

Easy replacement of matrices Intuitive user interface

Trimming / cutting, creasing, perforating

Full digital control

Speed up to 4,000 sheets / hour

Max. size 368 x 508 mm

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Paperfox Н-500А Die Cutter

Desktop die cutting

Ideal for short run

Bespoke work

Multiple applications

Cuts card, leather, plastics etc.

40х65 mm working width

Manual operation

Quick set-up

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Paperfox MP-1

Ideal for: Punching Euro holes in paper, foil, plastic, leather etc.

Punching individual holes with custom tailored tools applicable

Punching thickness: 2-3 mm

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Onglematic 3

Manual tab cutter with 297 мм cutting length. Cuts up to 12 equal tabs. Magnetic lateral stop and mm ruler. Up to 5 different shapes to cut. Manual positioning .

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