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Ready to use hard covers

Face made from quality material

Body thicknesses: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm

For A4 format portrait

Ready for binding

Individual formats and sizes are also available

Made in Finland

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Fastbind Manager soft covers™

High quality product from Finland

For thickness up to 40 mm

For formats from A4 to A5

Embossed cardboard

Diamond PVC front

Bright and pleasant colors

In a box of 100 pieces inside

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Disk magnets

We offer magnets with different thicknesses and diameters

Different shapes (circle, cube, cylinder, etc.)

Built in boxes, folders, menus, etc.

All have the highest residual magnetization

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Ring binder mechanisms

We offer mechanisms with a D, O or Q profile

They can be with 2 or 4 rings

For making different folders, folders, menus, clipboards

In stock more than 10 different types of ring-mechanisms

Made in Europe only!

Looking for special formats? Please ask!

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Foam board

On-Demand PhotoBook maker Binds photographic & digital paper Albums open flat – 180 degrees For book sizes up to 426 х 946 mm

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Foil Fusing Foils

Over 32 colors in stock

All 32 cm wide

All with a length of 150 meters

New metallized foil transfer technology

An excellent choice for making invitations, business cards, greeting cards, etc.

You don't need cliché and press.

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Binding screws

Available in "gold" or "silver" color

Length starts from 2,5 mm up to 80mm

Require punch a 6 mm hole

Wide range of sizes and extensions

Simple to use

Available in stock 

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Book corners

Metal corners for your books, photo albums, menus

We offer a variety of shapes and colors

They are easy and quick to install

15 types in stock

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