Touchline C375 plus

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Basic model with option for future upgrade

Can take paper up to 375x1050 mm

Impressive maximum speed of 6000 creases per/hr

Rotary and cross perforation

Stop perforation in both directions!

Creasing and perforating

Up and down Creasing

Up to 4 perforating heads

Online options for folding


Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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Multigraf’s inspiration for this new product line was given by its name - TOUCHLINE. Press the button and off you go! By simply entering the necessary information through the touch-screen, the machine creates all settings automatically. A small, centralised, multifunctional operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start.
The New Dimension In Creasing! The TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS is more than just a creasing machine. As part of a product family its use can be extended beyond simple creasing of paper and card. First of all it can be extended with additional perforating tools allowing selective perforation in both directions. Secondly, the C375 PLUS can be combined with the folding unit TF375 and thus enlarged to form a fully integrated creasing, perforating and folding machine. There are no manual setting procedures for the C375 PLUS model. The machine is equipped with the TOUCHLINE vacuum feeder with a capacity of 180 mm.
The feeder offers 180 mm capacity and the ultrasonic double sheet detection is included as a standard, which offers a 100% control of all sheets running through the machine. The approved TOUCHLINE pile feeder with vacuum belt technology offers efficient and trouble less operation. No pump is needed for the air supply which offers less noise emissions in the print room environment. The maximum sheet size is 375 x 1050 mm.
TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS can be used as an integrated creaser performing that function in one single pass, as a stand-alone creaser. The Touchline C375 PLUS is more than just a creasing machine. As a part of a complete product family it not only offers the possibility to crease paper and card!The Touchline C375 PLUS becomes a fully functional online creasing and folding system connecting it to a folding unit TF375.
The creasing machine TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS does not require any manual adjustments. The paper pile height is automatically detected by a touch less sensor to avoid scratching. According to the paper stocks, the creasing depth can be adjusted on the touch-screen monitor without manual intervention. The creasing and perforating tools can be exchanged easily within just a few seconds. Paper stocks up to 400 gsm (creasing) and 300 gsm (perforating) can be processed.
It employs the unique Multigraf Swingbar System for creasing without cracking. The sheets don’t stop during the creasing process. The automated setup of the crease depth with 3 different positions is another fantastic feature of the TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS . The creasing bar is easily interchangeable. This new technology allows for the speeding up of the creasing process.

Technical parameters
  • Maximum Paper Size (W x L) 375 x 660 mm
  • Maximum Paper Size (W x L) 375 x 1050 mm (with extension table)
  • Minimum Paper Size (W x L) 105 x 148 mm
  • Maximum Paper Weight 400 gr/m2 (or 0,4 mm)
  • Minimum Paper Weight 80 gr/m2
  • Maximum Stacking Capacity 180 mm
  • Creasing Patterns 6 different
  • Creasing Pattern Setting Automatic
  • Maximum Speed 5000/hour (A4 format)
  • Maximum Speed 6000/hour (A5 format)
  • Creasing System Multigraf swingbar
  • Crease Styles 1 bar = 2 styles
  • Crease Depths 3 automatic setups
  • Number of creases 20
  • Min. crease distance 30 mm
  • Feed Table Elevation Automatic
  • Counter Digital counter
  • Pre-set Function Equipped
  • Paper Feeding system Suction feeder
  • Paper Ejection System Length of election table: 820 mm
  • Double Feed Detection Ultrasonic
  • Paper Jam Detection Equipped
  • Empty Feed Detection Equipped
  • Option Perforation / Folding unit
  • Delivery belt length 820 mm
  • Reception tray height 120 mm
  • Dimensions (in operation) 1700W x 600L x 1200H mm
  • Voltage/Hz AC1000 – 240V/50Hz, 60Hz
  • Weight 125 kg (net)

Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

Touchline C375 PLUS
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Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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