Uchida AeroDieCut

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Automatic die-cutting machine

Speed up to 1000 sheets/hour

Works with "standard" matrices

Easy maintenance and management

Immediate change of assignment

Works with 365 x 515 mm media

Intuitive control

Punch in 2 different ways the same sheet

Automatic sorting possible

Automatic waste separation possible


The structural sectional view of the paper

THE RIGHT CHOICE OF PAPER Pay attention to the processes following printing: - Dense coatings cause difficulties in su ...

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In AeroDieCut are you can stor up to 100t customised jobs memories. Thanks to the built-in 10,2 cm touch screen, the AeroDieCut allows operators to set job programmes and run the machine intuitively and instantly.
The ultimate weapon for digital printers. AeroDieCut is an ideal solution for finishing especially short-run digitally printed applications, such as business cards, post cards, invitations, greeting cards, leaflets, tickets and more. The AeroDieCut saves times and costs for any print shops, in-house printers, commercial printers etc.
Modern use of traditional platen dies. The AeroDieCut utilizes traditional platen dies, because these are matured in technology, easy to obtain, cost effective and the quality of the finishing is great. The AeroDieCut combines traditional and new technologies to bring a new experience to our customers.
Uchida AeroDieCut is ideal for producing large and varied quantities of boxes, labels and personalized items such as business cards, stickers, wobblers, badges, greeting cards, envelopes, vouchers / coupons, playing cards and much more. It guarantees you professional quality and fast working speed.
Feed Unit. Superb Suction Feed System. The patented “Tri-suction feeder” ensures consistent paper feeding. The feeding unit equips an ultra-sonic sensor for double feed detection, and a cut-mark sensor to compensate image shift. This feeder is so good it is capable of accurately feeding even the most difficult of stocks such as high gloss, or coated card right up to 400 g/m2.
Safe, intuitive, compact. In the past, die cutters were large, heavy duty, and could be used for decades, but they required skilled operators and were, above all, dangerous. The AeroDieCut was designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, with a focus on operator safety and minimal mechanical adjustments.
Uchida AeroDieCut is equipped with a special system for quick change of dies - in just a few minutes, and allows full digital control (when executing the order) on cutting, slitting, perforation and creasing.
With one stroke - two birds! Unique possibility for simultaneous punching of the same printed media in 2 different ways (up to 5 repetitions / sheet) and from 2 different matrices. For more, please see the video in the article. Uchida AeroDieCut allows you to combine the execution of 2 different punching orders without affecting each of them.
Laser-sharp accuracy. The AeroDieCut is designed, built and calibrated with Japanese engineering and craftsmanship at its best. The robust full metal machine body keeps top level of accuracy and finishing quality every time.
The machine is designed to meet the needs of today's digital printing applications, including small, medium and large orders for die-cutting processing of print media. The machine can also work with synthetic paper, films, laminated materials and more.
If you have read all the information about Uchida AeroDieCut so far - why not call us for the most secret information about it?
The redesigned die cutter, ideal for short-run digital print finishing. Customers want printed materials faster, personalized, and in the quantity they need, whether it's for unique shaped cards or boxes. The AeroDieCut gives printers and marketing service providers a new way to do this
This diecut machine has a patented automatic device for separating the cut media from the waste, saving a lot of time and labor and helping to speed up the sorting and collection of the resulting batch. Available as an option.

Technical parameters
  • Machine type auto-feed platen die cutter
  • Offered possibilities cut, crease, perf in a single pass
  • Position setting fully automatic
  • Max. feedable paper size (W x L)   365 x 515 mm
  • Min. feedable paper size (W x L) 297 x 420 mm
  • Max. finishing size (W x L) 310 x 485 mm
  • Die board size (W x L) 350 x 550 mm
  • Die board thickness 18 mm
  • Cutting rule height 23.3-23.8 mm
  • Max. paper weight 400 g/m2
  • Min. paper weight 120 g/m2
  • Max. press speed1000 sheets/hr
  • Multiple-up pressup to 5 times/sheet
  • Max. loading capacity  100 mm
  • Feeding mechanismupper belt tri-suction feed (Patented)
  • Feeding options side blow, skew adjustment, side aligner
  • Feed detection ultra sonic double feed detection
  • Cut mark registration integrated
  • Feed out receiving tray
  • Control unit 10,2 cm colored touch screen
  • Memory capacity 100 job memories
  • Die board rack included
  • Waste separator unit option
  • Belt conveyor delivery option
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 270(W) x 107(D) x 110(H) cm
  • Power supply 240 / 50-60Hz, 400W
  • Net weight 410 kg.

1 The technical data is approximate. 2 Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please, let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

Belt conveyor delivery (included in the price).
Special work stand and rack for arranging and storing dies and metal plates.
Brochures and advertising materials

The structural sectional view of the paper

THE RIGHT CHOICE OF PAPER Pay attention to the processes following printing: - Dense coatings cause difficulties in su ...

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