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Darix Evolution Light

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Semi automatic case maker

Capacity is up to 240 book covers/hour

A format change takes about 2 minutes

Light table Works in different sizes

Size: cm 46/90 (open case)

Speed; min. 4 covers/min


Book covers/photo-albums

Sometimes you have to use covers that exactly match the approved corporate style (color, design etc), but sometimes the need ari ...

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The book cover Darix Evolution Light is suitable for the production of hard-cover book covers for photo book, book covers for book-on-demand book production, book covers for hard-cover, digital book production, calendar backs, CD covers, board games, puzzles and boards in small to medium runs. The capacity is up to 240 book covers / hour. The production of book covers is more automated than with the book cover machine Darix: from the laying on of the boards all steps are automated, the finished book cover is ejected automatically. A format change takes about 2 minutes.
Gluing. The integrated gluing machine glues the covering material of the book cover so that it subsequently sticks to the book board. Suitable covers are digitally printed sheets, laminated sheets, linen material or plastic coatings. Warm glue is used, with which even difficult and stiff cover material adheres securely to the cardboard. Light table.The light table ensures precise and fast alignment of the cover. Back texts find exactly the right positioning, the boards are placed precisely to the cover.
Edge folding with a brush The patented folding of the cover on all four sides of the book cover is done on the book cover machine Darix Evolution Light by two brushes. You fold in the four pages automatically. The pinching is done automatically instead of by hand. Even book covers with windows or irregular outer contour can be produced.
Once the head and foot sides have been turned in the cover is transported to the right to turn in the second two sides, this enables the product to clear the first unit and start producing the next cover. There are also vacuum belts on the infeed table ensuring the accurate positioning and movement of the case. This gives a running speed of 4 cases per minute.
The glue-greasing section integrated into the machine holds 20 kg of glue and applying it on to the cover of the future cover / box. The equipment also allows for gripping and water-based glue. Appropriate clothing can be: digital printed sheets, laminated media, flax materials or plastic coatings. The glue used keeps even a tough and hard covering material to the coat (natural leather eg). As an option, a viscometer for automatically adjusting the viscosity of the adhesive can be incorporated into the adhesive section by means of a computerized adjustment, a glue mixer set and a glue level sensor as well as an automatic water supply to maintain the viscosity of the glue at work.
SAMED INNOVAZIONI srl specialise in the production of gluing-in, turning-in and case making machines. With emphasis on fast changeover times and simple, trouble free running. The patented turn-in brush system ensures a perfect turn-in on a wide range of materials including covers with cut-outs.

Technical parameters
  • Min. case opened size (H x L)¹ 16 x 19 cm
  • Max case opened size(W x L)¹ 46 x 90 cm
  • Spine width Min: 6 / Max: 100 mm
  • Min. thickness of the board 1,5 mm
  • Max. thickness of the board ² 6 mm
  • Overlap covering material Min: 15 / Max: 30 mm
  • Cover material types Textile, laminated paper, imitation-leather, PVC polyurethane
  • Cover material thickness From 80 up to 400 g/m²
  • Glue tank capacity ³ 5 kg Hot animal glue
  • Productivity Up min. 4 pcs / minute
  • Timer for glue heating To programme the switching
  • Compressed Air 6 Bar 800 L/h
  • Viscometer option
  • Central light always included
  • Machine Dimensions(L x W x H) 230 x 200 x 150 cm
  • Electrical Power 5 kW; 400 Volts; 3 Phases + G+N 50/60Hz
  • Net/gross weight 1400 / 1600 kg

¹ Depending on the specification of the material. ² Possibility to work different board thickness on the same cover ³ Cold glue for lining works only Darix Evolution Light™ system is patented. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. We are trying description, photos and specifications of the products to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items offered in our web-page, inevitably sometimes to make errors. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thanks.

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Book covers/photo-albums

Sometimes you have to use covers that exactly match the approved corporate style (color, design etc), but sometimes the need ari ...

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