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Fully automated bookbinding machine

Works with photo paper and digital print paper

Fully automated creasing, folding, pressing and gluing

2 automatic feeders for single sheets and cardboard

LayFlat binding for perfect panoramic photo spreads

Designed for one-shift operation

Full automatic setting and operation

New technology for various kinds paper


Fastbind Technology

Main benefits: User friendly Flexible: soft and hard covers, tape binding, lay-flat binding and pads from A6 to SRA3 ...

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The growing demand for panoramic layout design and high quality prints can be satisfied with the new fastBook Basic system offered by Imaging Solutions. The fully automatic machine for bookbinding produces photo books, calendars and greeting cards with the LayFlat-technology. With the fastBook Basic, photo paper and digital paper can be processed.
Your customers will be so enthusiastic that they will always find occasions to design more LayFlat photobooks. They will not only become loyal customers; they will also be multipliers who awaken the desire for photobooks with LayFlat binding in others.
Intuitive operation Thanks to the built-in 7" touch screen, the Fast Book Basic allows operators to set job programmes and run the machine intuitively and instantly.
FastBook Basic, is the entry volume system for automatic LayFlat binding, handles both, photo and digital printing paper. This compact bookbinding solution provides 4-in-1 production steps from automatic feeding of single sheets and cardboards, to creasing, folding and gluing with purePhoto Hotmelt glue.
The LayFlat bookbinding technology is ideal for premium book-on-demand products such as photobooks or coffee table books. Both sides of the book are completely flat. With this type of binding visual information is not lost in the gutter and two-page spreads are fully visible. The book’s pages do not turn over automatically as with other bindings.
LayFlat photobook technology is also eminently suitable for corporate publications, art books, or cookbooks – anywhere quality images and content are bound in books.
The ultimate weapon for digital printers. Fast Book Basic is an ideal solution for making especially short-run digitally printed albums, such as wedding albums, real-estate catalogues, menues, advertisement materials and more. The Fast Book Basic saves times and costs for any photo shops, in-house printers, commercial printers etc.
The system is designed for single-shift operation. A condition for proper function is regular cleaning and maintenance according to ISAGs recommendations.
As an entry volume solution, the fastBook Basic book block production system is an interesting option for minilabs. Professional photographic laboratories or digital printing labs can also increase their range of services with this bookbinding machine.

Technical parameters
  • Type Stand alone unit
  • In-feed system   Upper belt suction feed
  • Book block height 152 x 330 mm
  • Book block width 152 x 457 mm
  • Open book width305 x 916 mm
  • Thicknessmax. 30 mm
  • Paper Thickness0,2 - 0,26 mm
  • Cardboard thickness: Up to 0.35 mm
  • Performance (152 x 152 mm)  up to 250 sheets/h
  • Performance (305 x 305 mm) up to 200 sheets/h
  • Position setting   Fully automatic
  • Feed out Receiving tray
  • Compressed air 0.6 MPa / 100 liter / minute
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 176 х 100 х 150 cm
  • Power supply 240 / 50-60Hz, 800W
  • Net weight 450 kg.
1 The technical data is approximate. 2 Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please, let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.
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Fastbind Technology

Main benefits: User friendly Flexible: soft and hard covers, tape binding, lay-flat binding and pads from A6 to SRA3 ...

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