Fastbind system leverage

Fastbind system leverage
Sometimes you have to use covers that exactly match the approved corporate style (color, design etc), but sometimes the need arises to quickly Binding of a material with a representative and robust cover, in order to increase the competitiveness of your document. This can be done with hard or soft bindings made ​​exclusively from machines Fasbind. You can customize these covers if necessary at any time.
Cover printed by a printer
How to make money? Digital technology allowing text and images transfer on paper provides unlimited possibilities for making, for example, a customized book / photo album / catalogue etc.., made according your choice and design ...You can create covers to match corporate standards imposed form of documents and business correspondence or you can make nice cover for your precious memories to cover your lay-flat albums, made by you. They can be printed on any kind of printer, and then to attach it to content part.
This whole process will take less than a minute!
Design and print can be done using any possible program (as Word, Excel, Power Point, Notepad, etc..) or program for graphic editing images  like In-design, Corel Draw, Freehand, Photoshop, Quark X-press and etc. During operation of the machines Fastbind, for binding of book blocks and covers, you can use virtually any paper or cardboard. Since the printing of such covers is easy (whether in the print shop, office or home) - not necessarily to use pre-finished covers. If you want you can purchase Fastbind special paper for making personalized covers for printing (either laser or ink-jet), which is suitable for almost all existing printers on the market.
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