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With one pass of the sheet you can:

To crease in 6 ways from the bottom and top

To perforate cross and lengthwise

To fold with 2 folds

To cut all 4 sides

Perforates papers up to 300 g/m2

Cuts, creases and folds media up to 400 g/m2

Max. media size - 375x1050 mm

Fully automatic device

Swiss quality and precision


Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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TOUCHLINE CPC375 XPRO&TCF375 XPRO can be used as an integrated creaser/perforator performing both functions in one single pass, as a stand-alone creaser or as a perforator when no other operation is required. A revolution in the optimization of virtually all major finishing processes! The machine does 7 separate operations at once with just one media pass. CUTTING (from 4 sides) - CREASING (bottom and top) - PERFORATION (cross and lengthwise) - CUTTING (slitting & scoring) - FOLDING (2 or 3 folds). TOUCHLINE CPC375 XPRO&TCF375 XPRO is a fast and powerful system for all essential finishing processes, which works with paper weighing from 80 to 400 g/m2 and punches materials with perforations up to 300 g/m2. The machine can be used either as an integrated machine for cutting/creasing/perforating/folding operations or as a stand-alone: cutting,creasing,perforating or folding when only this operation is required.
The new Multifinisher Touchline CPC375 XPRO sets a new standard in the industry. It is the result of extensive research and experience in the field of post-press, with which it aims to meet the desire of most of our customers to have "one machine that does it all"! At that time, the combination of several different processes, combined with high processing speed and independent control and compact size - was a big challenge to every manufacturer of finishing machines in printing. Swiss engineering thought did a great job with it, as evidenced by the presence of over 1,400 installations worldwide.
Better to see than to write in a hundred words! Here we show everything that the first module of the machine can do.
Multigraf’s inspiration for this new product line was given by its name - TOUCHLINE. Press the button and off you go! By simply entering the necessary information through the touch-screen, the machine creates all settings automatically. A small, centralised, multifunctional operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start. On the control screen, it will practically not read a word or a sentence. The entire menu consists of clear pictograms to avoid the risk of wrong planning or handling of the machine. You don't need knowledge of foreign languages to use it!
Rotary tools. Up to four perforating or slitting heads are available; all of them plug and play. The setup will be done within just a few seconds on the touch-screen control panel. Additional tools may be stored in the especially designed parking slots. Up to four perforating or slitting heads are available on the TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO § TCF375 for in line work, all of them plug and play. The setup will be done within just a few seconds on the touch-screen control panel. Produce your answering cards, vouchers, coupons, lottery tickets and much more within no time and in letter press quality.
TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO § TCF375 Perforating, creasing in one operation Perforating longwise and across the sheet, time perforation in both directions as well as professionally creasing are the key features of the TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO. This new innovation fulfils many wishes of the industry. The innovative creasing and perforating system features a patented, interchangeable tool bar system. The tools are electronically detected and the relevant pressure is automatically set.
TOUCHLINE CPC375 XPRO&TCF375 XPRO is equipped with a feeder using "vacuum belt" technology and air knife control for perfect leaf separation. There is noneed of additional air pump. This offers a lower noise level in the working environment in the room. The maximum sheet size can be up to 375 x 1050 mm. The current generation of "Touchline" machines offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in paper finishing. "Touchline" stands for efficient and automated processes in creasing, perforating (across the sheet and lengthwise), cutting and folding; all in one go. The good thing (and this is their big advantage) is that all Touchline models can be connected to work in sync with different printing and/or post-press systems to offer automated complex finishing operations at the push of a button.
This is the output part of the TCF375, redirecting the processed media to the corresponding output according to the set program. The upper side has an automatic conveyor that adjusts to the speed and shape of the finished product, thus, as it exits the machine, it stacks and groups it. The machine allows, when planning the job, to be able to stop for a short time so that the displayed finished product can be picked up by the operator for packing or further sorting without worry. It is most often activated when there is folding involved in the job (regardless of how many folds). The bottom output comes into play when your processes are primarily creasing, perforating or just cutting. There, the collection table can be extended to such a length that products up to 70 cm long can be collected.
Multigraf AG in Muri is with its 40 years of experience a reliable partner for ambitious quality-conscious printers and for each user a future-proof decision. A variety of first-class products combines maximum flexibility with maximum modularity. Our experience makes Multigraf AG an ideal partner for successful printing houses.
To save another hundred words text, we show you what the second module of the machine does ;-)
It employs the unique Multigraf Swingbar System for creasing without cracking. The sheets don’t stop during the creasing process. The automated setup of the crease depth with 3 different positions is another fantastic feature of the TOUCHLINE CP375 DUO § TCF375. This new technology allows for the speeding up of the creasing process.

Technical parameters
  • Type of processes creasing perforation, folding, cutting from all sides
  • Max. paper size (W х D) 375 x 660 mm ¹
  • Max. paper size (W х D) 375 x 1050 mm ²
  • Min. paper size (W х D) 105 x 148 mm
  • Max. creasing weight 400 g/m2 (or max. 0,4 mm)³
  • Max. perforating weight 300 гр/м2 (or max. 0,3 mm)³
  • Max. perforating weight 400 g/m2 (or max. 0,4 mm)³
  • Min. paper weight 80 g/m2
  • Saved programs up to 1000
  • Double sheet detection ultrasonic
  • Bar-code reader implemented
  • Capacity of business card tray 3х100 mm / 1000 cards (thickness 0,3 mm)
  • Tool detection аutomatic
  • Tool calibration аutomatic
  • Creasing tools  negative (as standard) and positive (option)
  • Creasing depths 6 different
  • Adjusting the crease depth 3 levels, automatic
  • Min. creasing distance 1 mm
  • Number of creasing heads  1-4 (option)
  • Perforation knifes 11 (standard); 17 & 26 TPI (option)
  • Min. length of time perforation 5 mm
  • Min. perforation distance 3 mm
  • Min. perforating distance from head to head4 31mm
  • Cross cutter:
  • Front edge  3 tо 120 mm
  • Trailing edge 3 toо 120 mm
  • Gutter cut  3 to 40 mm
  • Slitting heads:
  • Max. number of slitters 6 (fully automatic setting)
  • Margin ОР 3 tо 45 mm
  • Margin NОР 3 to 45 mm
  • Gutter cut 0 mm, and from 5 to 21mm
  • Capacity of waste bin 88 litres (dm3)
  • Counter  electronic
  • Test function  yes
  • Feeder capacity 180 mm
  • Feeding system vacuum infeed belts
  • Deliveries  delivery tray standard
  • Deliveries  business card module standard
  • Deliveries  stream delivery with stop and go function (optional)4
  • Dimensions (without folding unit) (LхDхH) 2300 x 600 x 1200 mm
  • Dimensions (without folding unit) (LхDхH) 3200 x 600 x 1200 mm
  • Power / Hz AC 100 – 240V/50Hz / 250W
  • Weight 265 / 465 kg

¹Standard. ²With an additional extension table (not included in the price). ³Depending on the quality of the media  4Head to head distance. 5Option.

Specifications and design are approximate. Possible change in prices and technical parameters without notice.

"Geprüfte Sicherheit" (Testing safety) or GS certificate is a voluntary certification of an electricity brand. This shows that the equipment meets German and, if there are such European, safety requirements for such devices. The main difference between GS and CE marking is that compliance with European safety requirements at GS has been tested and certified by a state-approved independent body, while the CE marking is a voluntary declaration of the manufacturer that the goods meet the European standards. GS certificate testing is available from various laboratories, such as DGUV, TÜV, NEMKO, IMQ and others..

PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance..

We have tried to visually present the individual perforating knives offered with an explanation of the differences between them. Each knife can be easily mounted on the perforation tool. No special knowledge is required for that.
17 TPI and 26 TPI pitch punch tools. They are automatically set up and recognized by the machine. Ready to work - immediately. Please familiarize yourself with the different types of perforating knives to choose the most suitable gap.
Longitudinal (and jump punch) perforation heads are easy to mount and position. Up to 6 separate heads can be placed in the machine. Their management (activation) is electronic from the control panel when the job recipe is created. Here, too, the same sizes and for the same paper weights are available as for cross punching: 11TPI, 17TPI and 26TPI. They are equipped with 11TPI as standard.
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Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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