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Glue cleaner

The only agent that cleans MX-II or RP-15 adhesive

It has a pleasant aroma and responsiveness

Package 1 liter

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Fastbind glue

Original Product at a low price

One binding costs about 3 pennies!

Flexible and at the same time strong

Shelf life up to 20 years

Made especially for Fastbind perfect binders

It is odourless and tested for workplace safety

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MX-II Hot Melt Adhesive

Sticks to all surfaces

Including metal, plastic and wood etc.

Pressure sensitive

Permanent adhesion

Unlimited open time

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Rollataq glue

On-Demand PhotoBook maker Binds photographic & digital paper Albums open flat – 180 degrees For book sizes up to 426 х 946 mm

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Shredder oil

Special oil for shredder lubrication

1 liter is enough for about 1 year

You save the life of the machine

No special technique or knowledge required

Easy to use

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Binding screws

Available in "gold" or "silver" color

Length starts from 2,5 mm up to 80mm

Require punch a 6 mm hole

Wide range of sizes and extensions

Simple to use

Available in stock 

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Book corners

Metal corners for your books, photo albums, menus

We offer a variety of shapes and colors

They are easy and quick to install

15 types in stock

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Trays for CD / DVD

CD / DVD / Blue Ray trays To insertion of 1 or 2 disks Transparent and black From quality plastic Available in stock

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