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Perfect Binder 420 Hot-Melt

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Unique closed PUR system

Tank capacity - 3 kgs

Variable speed based on job requirements

Automatic book ejection to a sophisticated stacker-unit

Adjustable book positioning from the touch screen

Side gluing and scoring

Book releasing mode is adjustable via touch screen

Tillable milling unit

Adjustable glue cut-off from the touch screen

Automatic cover feeding with inline scoring

Adjustable milling depth and notching

Built in jogger

Automatic setup according to block thickness

Automatic carriage start

Paper dust extractor

Cover sensor


The structural sectional view of the paper

THE RIGHT CHOICE OF PAPER Pay attention to the processes following printing: - Dense coatings cause difficulties in su ...

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Perfect Binder 420 Hot-Melt is a fully automated binding line for bookcases with a soft cover, no cover, banding. Is the only fully automatic setup single clamp PUR binding machine in the world. This machine is setup very simply by placing a “book block” into the clamp and retracting your hands from the clamping area. Safety for this machine is performed by a set of optical light barriers. This machine will set itself up to each book that is placed into the clamping area each cycle. The Perfect Binder 420 is a member of the LAMIBIND family of products; and has all the necessary functions and more that are required by a medium to large size printing business.
All aspects of the media connection process can be adjusted by a touchscreen color screen, including: the opening width of the carriage flap, adjusting the length of the adhesive, sticking time, pressure on the book body and the cover (depending on the thickness of the cover ), the width of the groove and the height of the milling disc; which, therefore, can be adjusted to 3 mm, allowing you to milling and / or notch the folded areas of the leaves along the back of the body. RIGO MACHINES, is promising that working with the Perfect Binder 420 Hot-Melt/ RUR, users will have, in their work with: a tightly-glued, square-backed bookcase (professional-looking book) along with the flexibility and efficiency required. The machine is suitable for making books on request in various prints up to 420 x 420 mm.
This machine is tuned to each book that is placed in the carriage at each cycle. Perfect Binder 420 is a member of the LAMIBIND family of products; and has all the necessary features and much more that is needed for medium and large businesses in the field of book printing. With its labor-saving equipment, such as the pneumatic cover system; integrated system for folding and folding the cover. The width of the back of the book body adjusts automatically, ensuring that each book is fully glued. The Perfect Binder 420 has a very handy interface that helps each operator feel comfortable by helping them make professional-quality books every time.
The latest closed tank technology is designed to minimize PUR waste by applying the PUR glue with precision and accuracy to each book block. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, the Perfect Binder 420 PUR / Hot-Melt is a cost effective solution that saves time and money. One of the great advantages to this machine is a vibrating plate under the book clamp that allows the pages in each book block to settle correctly before clamping. It is also equipped with a unique “high pressure” closed PUR application system, which has made Rigo binders the envy of all other digital PUR binding manufacturers. Both the spine and side-glue application is PUR. Moreover it is also a hybrid machine as both EVA and PUR glues can be used in this machine separately. It is the perfect machine for fast turnaround, individual book publishing and higher volume PUR binding.
The 3kg candle provides good production flow, high efficiency and less waste! For PUR application, spine preparation is the most important factor. Therefore the machine is equipped with special slitting knives mounted on a precision milling disk, which provides the optimum preparation for the bonding surface. All aspects of the binding process can be adjusted via the colour touch-screen including clamp opening width, glue length regulation, binding time, spine binding pressure (dependant on cover thickness), creasing width and the milling disk height; which consequently can be adjusted up to 3mm (0,08”) enabling folded sections to be milled from the spine of the document.
With labour saving equipment like a pneumatic cover feeding system it also has integrated creasing for the spine and hinges. Creasing for the spine width is automatically set ensuring that each book is perfectly bound. The Perfect Binder 420 has a very user friendly touch-screen interface which helps every operator to feel at ease while helping them to make professional quality books every time. Reliable components are the backbone of every great machine; therefore we have implemented the most stable electronics and electrical components available to us. The Perfect Binder 420 can also be supplied with a vapor and paper chip extraction unit and a motorized reception conveyor.

Technical parameters
  • Capacity cycles / hour¹ up to 450
  • Min-max binding thickness 0,1 / 50 mm
  • Min. binding length 80 mm
  • Max. binding length up to 420 mm
  • Compressed air supply 6 bar
  • Adjustment of the binding time 1 - 99
  • Max. cover thickness³ up to 350 gr/m²
  • Adjustable cover scoring has
  • Cover feeding system automatic
  • Cover integrated creasing for the spine and hinges
  • Binding cycle counter yes
  • Online remote control equipped
  • Automatic start of the carriage clamp yes
  • Spine preparation fixed milling & notching
  • Heat-up time² 30-45 min
  • Volume of glue container 2 kg
  • Adjustable length regulation of the glue application yes
  • Cover sensor yes
  • Adjustable milling and notching 0,1 - 3 mm
  • Paper dust extractor yes
  • Electronic managment yes
  • Voltage/ Frequency / Current 3~400V/ 1~230V AC, 50-60Hz, 20/32/40 A, 5.5кW
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 242 х 103 х 119 cm
  • Pallet dimensions (W x D x H) 262 x 123 x 139 cm
  • Net/gross weight 600/700 kg

¹ Production time depends on operator. ² Depends of the type of glue is used on to the machine. ³ Depending on specification of material. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

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The structural sectional view of the paper

THE RIGHT CHOICE OF PAPER Pay attention to the processes following printing: - Dense coatings cause difficulties in su ...

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