Glue applicators

PSP 400

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Universal glue applicator

Acid-resistant steel shafts

40 cm working width

Possible work with cardboards, eco-leather, EVA

Temperature and speed regulation

For large format prints

Posters, displays, panels, etc.

For photo albums, book covers

Tags, puzzles and other board games

Promotional materials


What should we consider when choosing an air purifier?

For many of us living in cities, it is clear that there is no such thing as "clean air" in cities. That as much as the municipa ...

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HOW IT WORKS applicator? Insert your printout that you want to be coated with an adhesive between two rotating shafts and automatically passing between them will emerge with the finely applied adhesive layer on one side. The temperature of the shaft does not affect in any way the prints and does not change color! The applied film is thin (no bubbles), sufficient for a good bonding. At the end of the day you only need to turn it off. No need for cleaning or other special care. Plus, the glue does not stick to your fingers and make your work clean and pleasant.
PSP 400 - an original system for applying a hot-melt adhesive on various surfaces such as: paper, cardboard, greyboard, leather, EVA, foam, vinyl, textiles and anything else that withstands temperatures and can pass through the shafts. Ever since its introducing on the market of this new generation of universal applicators, we are convinced that it will be able to make your business a lot easier. This is because the PSP 400 offers a number of advantages that any professional would evaluate, such as: the easy thickness adjustment, the rapid control and adjustment on the temperature and the speed of the media; let's not forget the solid steel shafts; air cooling, the very quiet electric motor and the solid metal frame on wheels! This is a device that turns every media into a sticker. Whether cardboard, leather, mukava, PVC, sheet metal, EVA and even glass. We could say that it is not so easy to find any more compact and universal lining and/or sticker solution!
Heavy, solid steel shafts ensure a fine adhesive layer that is sufficient to have a permanent connection between the surface of the two media. It doesn't matter if they are homogeneous or of different nature (except paper they can be: wood, metal, styrofoam, concrete, glass, plastic ...). In addition to making the machine being economical from glue consumption, but it also allows the applied layer to be "invisible" if we talk about hardcover production, pages/content of photo album and etc. We must recommend making test products to work out the process of finely tuned the machine for efficient operation, since universal setting for work with all media and for all orders does not exist, but at least it is fast here. This is a compact device that increases your performance and save a lot of money. You become independent of subcontractors and flexible in front of your customers because your order is not always a quick subcontractor!
A device that works easily and quickly. Working with the PSP400 is also comfortable. There is no need for any special training or previous experience. Once shown, the process of functioning of the machine anyone can handle the orders. The PSP400 has only two control and monitoring controls. This is the digital indicator of the required temperature for operation and similar to the speed of rotation of the steel oraling shafts. There is also a light indicator showing the willingness to work. The applicator can be switched on throughout the day without causing the engine to overheat (there is a serious cooling fan right next to the engine). There is also no loss of glue in the tank. The system is equipped with power-driven shafts, and several of them are automatically heated to the required working temperature for about 10-20 minutes (time may vary depending on the ambient temperature in the work room). Practically the silent motor, it starts to rotate them at a constant adjustable speed (recommended to be about 5 meters per minute).
The entire engineering structure of the machine is made of quality materials so that it can guarantee stability in its use and longevity of functioning. This Made in Poland machine is a product of many years of experience and developments in the field of lining of printed and non-printed media in advertising, packaging and printing industry. The elements in it are selected so that, if necessary, everyone can adjust or eliminate almost any technical problem on the spot without looking for a service. The machine comes with a 12 month warranty that can be extended to 60 months (for an extra charge)!.
MX-II can stick except on paper and cardboard: Styrofoam, wood, metal, plastic and many other surfaces. The adhesive is completely safe, non-toxic and does not burn. Resists water. Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane packets that are self melted in the glue tank together with glue.Small device which increases their productivity and save a lot of money time. You become independent contractors and flexible for our clients.
A small device with the potential to increase your productivity, saving you a lot of time and money. You become independent of subcontractors and flexible to your customers. You can make all sorts of samples - experiment with a combination of disparate media and application. One of our users is using the PSP-400 to apply glue to thin sheet metal used to clad building facades!
The combination of two separate glue tanks allows you to use different types of glue. When making photo albums, this can be: one type of glue to mount the photos in content and another type of glue to make the hard cover of the album. We will clarify that the first glue has a fast gluing time and stands after it cools more firmly (like a crust on a creme brulee) and accordingly, when trimming the contents, the glue does not show on the edges of the book (as honey spills on the slice of bread after spreading) . While the second adhesive has a much longer open reaction time (maybe even a year) and is accordingly "tougher", this specificity is suitable for permanently adhering the corners of the cover to the grey board - especially if you are working with thick eco- skin that is "stubborn" when stretched. slice of bread
MX II IS THE NEW GENERATION OF GLUE The new generation glue MX II model, which we produce, is created to provide excellent adhesion to all surfaces. You need a very thin layer to get quality bonding. After application of the adhesive layer on the printout, he dries like ordinary adhesive, so you can always stick it as safely position the print on the base. Once stuck on a surface, it can not or very difficult to get out. Therefore, please be sure that you want to stick it .
The RP-15 makes it easier and more relaxed to position the two sides of the album before gluing them together. For photo albums. It is intended for making albums, book bodies, double-sided printing, business cards and invitations. After covering the media, install within 1-2 minutes (it may take less time because it depends on the ambient temperature in the room). Provides a firmer connection than the MX-II. It hardens over time so that when the body of the book is trimmed, very little glue remains on the guillotine cut and does not "run" over the edges of the body of the book.

Technical parameters
  • Type of device glue application machine
  • Shaft rotation speed adjustable
  • Temperature regulation via control screen
  • Adjustment of the adhesive layer possible
  • Control in/out rotation and temperature independently of each other
  • Max. gluing width 40 cm
  • Opening width for 0.1 to 2 mm thick media
  • Ready-to-work time¹ 10-20 minutes
  • Number of shafts 5 pieces
  • Number of glue trays 2 pieces
  • Change of glue possible by removing the whole tray
  • Pressing guides made of brass
  • Shafts made of acid-resistant steel
  • Output the media automatically
  • Glue type each one, which can stick to any surface
  • Works with glue in the range² from 92°C to 186°C
  • Temperature regulation yes, via digital screen
  • Type of adhesive to work with all emulsions that are heated
  • Care no special care, no cleaning
  • Cooling main fan under the display counter
  • Occupied space³ 130 x 85 cm
  • Storage Built-in
  • Mobility special lockable wheels
  • Motor noise below 57 dB
  • Power supply/ Hz / Power 230 V / 50 Hz / 0.37Kw / 1.8 A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 107 х 69 x 91 cm
  • Package dimensions (W x D x H) 120 x 80 x 100 cm
  • Nett/Brutto weight 54 / 62 kg.

¹ standby time depends on the ambient temperature in the room. ²In general, this is the recommended range for using heatable adhesives to apply to the carrier media. ³Estimated in a test environment.
The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price or technical parameters without a notice.

PS. We strive to ensure that the description, photos and specifications are completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items on offer, it is inevitable that inaccuracies will occasionally occur. Please let us know if you spot one. Thank you in advance.

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What should we consider when choosing an air purifier?

For many of us living in cities, it is clear that there is no such thing as "clean air" in cities. That as much as the municipa ...

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