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Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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Print & Seal machine of the Swedish company PLOCMATIC is a convenient and effective solution for producing a variety of sealed printed materials, with the device either directly attached to the output of any printer or a single body. Innovative solution for the creation of bound and glued / sealed printed products such as: brochures, personalized full-color printed letters / invoices / classified excerpts / vouchers / invitations / envelopes with pin codes and many more. etc., by bonding the toner to the printer. Furthermore, this sealing principle is an efficient price replacement of the existing ways of sealing different materials that have so far been made using special paper (pre-coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive).
Configurations to support tri-fold, half Fold and flatapplications is availible. The sealer technology systems use heating element to fuse toner around the edge of a document to create a seal similar to Pressure Seal technology and a “Seal Line” of toner is printed in the borders of document this utilizes usage of plain paper. So the technology can integrates to all toner based printing solutions on the market.
The optimum paper density ranges from 80 to 130 g / m2 and almost every existing paper is made and the technology can be integrated with any toner-based printing solution on the market! The manufacturer also offers media solutions up to 200 g on demand. This technology creates a wide range of applications and is a real solution for transposing white paper to something new. The job format can be from SRA3 + to A4 (# 10 / DL to flat size). The C4 and C5 format variants can also include multi-page sorting as well as inserts with insertion control.
Virtually all printers can now print almost to the edge of the paper, and this is used (by printing a wide, five-millimeter toner tape along the edge of the paper) as a means to bundle individual sheets into a single body. When the sheet is printed, it folds (triple, double, half) and then exposed to spot heat. The current laser toner is made of 98% plastic and can therefore melt and thus stick the edges of the leaves together in one. The folded and "glued" article is fed through a perforating device to the collector at the exit of the machine and then ready to be sent to the recipient.
The developed technology for sealing with toner by Plockmatic is able to work as well as traditional paper / media used for sealing or similar substrates and with all standard designed paper and paperboard suitable for printing on them with toner. Imagine how much time, material and labour resources can be saved with this functional solution! Quality and speed are guaranteed because they come at the same time.

Technical parameters
  • Speed ​​¹ 9000 pcs./hour
  • Work formats SRA3 + to A4
  • Paper thickness ¹ 80 - 120 g / m2
  • Type of paper to work¹ coated matt / gloss, offset
  • Printer connection In-line
  • Sealing with any toner for a laser printer
  • Heat zones 3 at the two feed angles
  • Counter² for control and insertion
  • Productivity³ 150 sheets / min.
  • Folding 2 sections, max. 3 folds
  • Perforation  as standard with 3 wheels
  • Feeding and removal by belts / automatic
  • Process control by the printer or directly
  • Collector of finished products standard
  • Feeder option in off-line operation
  • Additional heads for heating or perforation, option
  • Power supply 230V / 10A + - 10%, 2.2kW
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 102 x 41 x 123/203 cm
  • Weight (with Module 1 / Module 1 and 2) 65 / 95 kg

¹ Other formats, paper sizes, or foldable types are available on request. ² Option. ³ In double folding and sealing mode. 4 Technical data and design are approximate. Please keep in mind that this is a modular configuration and it can vary. Possible change in prices and technical parameters without notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please, let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

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Should You Be Scoring or Creasing?

The "little things" often separate a great job from a good one. One such little thing is creasing, which can significantly redu ...

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