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Uchida AeroDieCut

Special DRUPA offer for Balkan states

Automatic die-cutting machine

Speed up to 1000 sheets/hour

Works with "standard" matrices

Easy maintenance and management

Immediate change of assignment

Works with 365 x 515 mm media

Intuitive control

Punch in 2 different ways the same sheet

Automatic sorting possible

Automatic waste separation possible

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Uchida AeroCut X

Special DRUPA offer for Balkan states

Do file and send directly

Instant job change

Up to 370 x 750 mm paper

Various automatic settings and operations

Easy maintenance

New technology air feeding system for various kinds paper

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With one pass of the sheet you can:

To crease in 6 ways from the bottom and top

To perforate cross and lengthwise

To fold with 2 folds

To cut all 4 sides

Perforates papers up to 300 g/m2

Cuts, creases and folds media up to 400 g/m2

Max. media size - 375x1050 mm

Fully automatic device

Swiss quality and precision

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Automatic creasing, perforating and punching machine

A new frictional media feed

Speed 2500 sheets/hour

9 management programs

A large selection of options for punching / spirals / die-cutting

A comfortable metal table on wheels

Telescopic feeding tray

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Touchline CP375 DUO

Perforates and creases simultaneously

Can perforate paper up to 300 gr./m2

Folds media up to 400 gr./m2

Can take paper up to 375 x 1050 mm

Impressive maximum speed of 6000 folds per/hr

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Morgana ColorCut SC7000

100% automatic feeding, cutting and creasing

Targeted for busy print departments, seeking an affordable, high-capacity device

Digital cutting of all shapes

Suitable for media ≤450 microns

Up to 2500 gram-force (or 25 N)

Speed ​​up to 1060 mm/sec.

Accuracy of cutting position +/- 100 microns

Speed up to 1060 mm/sec.

Max. paper size: 340 x 710 mm

Min. paper size: 180 x 279 mm

17.8 cm control touchscreen

Auto feeder stacks up to 1,000 sheets*

Advanced QR code reading system

ColorCut Pro - Production Studio software included

SmartMark registration delivers incredible accuracy

Cutting accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm

8th generation Vision3 CCD camera reads and instantly retrieves cut files

Dual ‘Grip and Drive’ feed system holds media during cutting on both sides

Cutting only 5 mm. distance from the edge of the sheet

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Uchida AeroCut X pro

Special DRUPA offer for Balkan states

Jump perforation unit

Bar code reader

Instant job change

Up to 370 x 750 mm paper

Various automatic settings and operations

Made in Japan

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Rotary Die Cutter 3852

For quick die-cutting of products with a non-standard shape

Easy replacement of matrices Intuitive user interface

Trimming / cutting, creasing, perforating

Full digital control

Speed up to 4,000 sheets / hour

Max. size 368 x 508 mm

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