Morgana BM5035

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For intensive professional use

For brochures from A6 to A4 format landscape

Per month from 30,000 brochures

Corner and edge stapling

Crease Side Trimmer (Optional)

Capacity on the loaded sheet 5400

Stapling up to 140 pages

Automatic control on the job

7" touchscreen graphical interface


You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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A6 to A4 Landscape… The new system architecture enables customers to produce high quality booklets from A6 to A4 landscape, and has all the key processes needed to produce corner and edge staple, folding, spine forming, and full bleed trimming, all combined in one single, easy to use system. This new booklet maker offers the ability to produce the all new long sheets applications while maintaining the small and compact size.
Key features of machine are: ▪ Produce square folded booklets from A6 to A4 Landscape or large format 297 x 297mm; ▪ Corner stapled documents in portrait A4; ▪ Edge stapled documents in portrait and landscape A4; ▪ Up to 140 or 200 page booklet capacity; ▪ Supports up to 660mm long sheets without CST or 620mm with CST; ▪ Up to 20000 per month with maximum peak volume of 40000.
Operators are guided through job setup with detailed graphics that can provide step-by-step guidance. Getting professional results has never been easier. Easy to use colour graphical interfaceby using simple to use 7" touchscreen graphical interface with easy job setup and adjustment of applications. Operators are guided through job setup with detailed graphics that can provide step-by-step guidance. Getting professional results has never been easier. Our new Adaptive Process Control (APC) monitors the sheet feeding, delivering an outstanding reliable feeding performance.Operators can now compensate for skew caused when feeding long sheets, this can easily be adjusted in the color user interface on the fly.
A new kind of booklet maker that can produce A4 landscape or large format 297mm x 297mm books. Includes a corner and edge stapling function as standard. BM4035 Booklet Maker is is a versatile booklet maker designed to work with low to mid volume digital production printers. It delivers booklets of exceptional quality and is able to feed long printed sheets to produce a wide variety of applications, including A4 landscape booklets, which is becoming an increasingly important expectation of customers.
The BM4000 series produces consistently high booklet quality on all booklet sizes and media types. The basic configuration with hand feed capability enables users to make booklets in the offline mode. ▪ Heavy duty staple mechanism designed for durability. Maintenance free thanks to a patented solution that eliminates periodic service intervals. ▪ Adjustable staple and fold position, because the BM4035 has a patented “set positioning mechanism” that allows the operator to adjust the staple position in the direction of travel, from the intuitive user interface. The BM4035 uses the latest patented Plockmatic technologies to deliver top quality output.
The main unit folds and staples booklets and staple sets up to 140 pages (35 sheets with the BM4035). The adjustable positioning mechanism allows the operator to easily adjust the stapling and folding position on the fly. In its most basic configuration, the Morgana BM4035 can be fed manually for binding low-volume runs. The VFX and FM feed modules, the front face trimmer, and the square folding module can be added as the application set evolves or print volumes increase. The whole new design of the module, combines in two in one function, such as making a square folding of the body and then face trimming the booklet. Our high-quality flatback bookletmaking feature ensures a presentable book made in a truly wide range of media and thicknesses.
We offer you the latest booklet making system that includes both types of wire stitching: on the corners and on the edges of the bodies of the printed editions - as a standard feature. Body edge or corner binding is a quick and easy solution for producing meeting minutes, key documents or company copies of PowerPoint presentations and more. This type of binding is highly valued in organizations that have to distribute a significant volume of documents internally. For printing or copying centers, this function is suitable for quick response in the production of invoices, invoices, various types of diaries that they receive from their customers. The Morgana BM4000 series can staple, sew and fold booklets up to 35 (for BM4035) or 50 sheets (for BM4050). Starting with brochures from A6 format to A4 Landscape.
The VFX is equipped with completely redesigned geometry in the vacuum feed area, this gives improved performance on thinner media. Precise separation of each sheet from the stack is essential for reliable feeding. Morgana’s patented SP-sensor measures sheet separation in the “float area” and adjusts tray position and airflow. A row of multiple sensors work together with an advanced program to create a self-adjusting automatic mode that will reposition the paper stack while running. This supports reliable feeding for the widest range of media types.
Plockmatic Group one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of document finishing technology. Plockmatic Group develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of document finishing and feeding systems sold under the Plockmatic and Morgana brand names. With Plockmatic’s acquisition of UK-based Morgana Systems in 2013, and KGS srl of Mestrino, Italy in 2016, the Plockmatic Group took shape joining these organizations together to offer a wide range of products that include creasers, folders, cutters and binding solutions optimized for digital workflows. The combination of these companies also brought us a worldwide network of outstanding dealers.Group's products work inline or offline in concert with the world's best digital printing systems. Plockmatic make booklets. We also mail, fold crease, perforate and bind documents with extraordinary precision. Quite simply, they turn stacks of printed paper into the beautifully finished documents you use every day. Today, Plockmatic group’s solutions are sold primarily under the Plockmatic and Morgana brand names in over 50 countries.

Technical parameters

BM5035 Booklet making

  • A type of device for wire stitching of printed materials
  • Paper feeding manually or automatic
  • Media size (min.) 145 х 210 mm1*
  • Media size (max.) 320 х 660 mm1* or 330 х 620 with CST module2*
  • Staples per cartridge 5000 pcs. in one casette
  • Paper weight (min.) 64 gsm (60gsm supported on some media)1*
  • Paper weight (max.) 300 gsm (350gsm supported on some media)1*
  • Set book thickness (min.)  1 sheet 80gsm (when folded makes an 4 page)
  • Set book thickness (max)  3.5 mm and 5mm (approx. 35 sheets and 50 sheets of 80gsm plain paper)
  • Finished book thicknes (max.) 7 mm and 10mm (approx 140 and 200 pages 80gsm)
  • Power source  250 W/ 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions (W х D х H) vary from configuration
  • Nett weight kg.

1* Paper specification for booklet making only. Refer to full specification for Corner and Edge stapling specification.
2* Maximum sheet length is 620mm when configured with the CST module.

BM4050 Corner and edge stapling

  • A type of device for 50 Corner and edge stapling
  • Paper weight (Edge stapling) 80-120 gsm
  • Paper weight (Corner stapling) 80 gsm
  • Paper size (Edge stapling) A4 Landscape or Portrait
  • Paper size (Corner stapling) A4 Portrait

CST Crease Side Trimmer (Optional)

  • Type of device  special trimmer for trimming the creased side of the brochure
  • Stock weight (min.) as BM4000 series
  • Stock weight (max.) as BM4000 series
  • Paper size (min.) 145 х 210 mm1*
  • Trim (max.)  300 mm, top & bottom - 60 mm total
  • Trim (min.) 5 mm, top & bottom - bypass possible

VFX Feeder (Optional)

  • Type of device for continuous feeding from 2 trays with paper for stitching
  • Feeding аutomatic
  • Load capacity  5400 sheets
  • Sheet size 320 х 660 mm1* or 330 х 620 with CST module2*
  • Stock weigh 64 gsm - 350 gsm 
  • Power source  100-240V +6 - 10% (50-60Hz)
  • Power consumption  650 Watt

FM Finishing Module (Optional)

  • Type of device for trimming the body after folding and stitching
  • Paper feeding аutomatic
  • Face Trim (min.) 1 mm
  • Face Trim (max.) 210 mm
  • Sheet count (max.) 50 stapled and folded sheets

Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The technical data is approximate. Possible unintended errors in text.

PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.


You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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