Matrix Duo MD-650

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Speed -1.4m a min

Size of core - 77mm x 25mm

Adjustable anti-curl bar

Single sided lamination


Double sided lamination

Affordable and effective solution


You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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Тhe Vivid's Matrix MD-650, a roll fed machine designed with a digital print shop in mind. With its own stand, it takes up a limited amount of space and despite being solidly built, can be easily manoeuvered around if not in immediate use. The Matrix Duo is able to do both single sided lamination and double sided encapsulation. A unique anti-curl bar allows quite thin laminates to be used, maximising value on a roll.
The control panel is simple and easy to follow, ideal for a machine that may be used by several operators with basic instruction. A set temperature is chosen, the rollers engaged and operating temperature quickly reached. A speed control monitors the flow of film both forward and reverse, and there is an anti-jam mechanism. The laminator will seal film at an average speed of a metre a minute. It will run faster but you have to be very careful feeding the initial leading edge of a long print to avoid skew.
Its twin heated rollers operate on thermal film fed from above and below with the option of fitting both gloss and matt finishes at the same time when double siding. This way you don't need to change rolls for one job, just place the print in the machine facing whichever surface is preferred.
Designed for thermal or pressure sensitive film. The adjustable roller gap can handle mounting boards up to 5mm thick. The safety shield magnetically locks into place and is much easier to remove for webbing and un-webbing. The interlock switch for the shield allows the machine to meet all safety regulations.
Checking the printer forums, an interesting comment from an independent Matrix purchaser was that since acquiring the machine it has been used ten times more than expected, because of its ease of use and fl exibility. And that's certainly what we found having lived and worked with the machine for a month or more. It's one of those essentials that becomes an asset, and at an affordable price.
If you are doing large format inkjet printing then large format laminating in house is essential. Nobody wants to put up with the time delay of outsourcing these days. To stay ahead of the competition it has to be supplied on demand and the Matrix and consumables are a perfect complement to inkjet prints with even heavy colour coverage producing a seamless bubble free finish from prints straight from the printer.

Technical parameters
  • Max. Lamination Film Width 650 mm
  • Maximum Sheet Width 660 mm
  • Paper Thickness 70gsm
  • Max. Laminating Speed  140 cm/min.
  • Temperature Range (°C)0 - 140 о С
  • Вкл./изкл. на определени валове при 1-стр и 2-стр, ламиниране yes
  • Регулиране на отвора, обратен ход, индикатор за готовност yes
  • Control screen. Programming yes, 9
  • Power 1400 Watt / 13 A
  • Power Supply (V) Frequency (Hz) 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
  • Overall Dimensions 96 х 48 х 40 cm
  • Weight 55 кг

Depends of materials parameters. Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance .

Flatbook Flatbook is a multifunctional cutting & perforating accessory, designed exclusively for the Matrix & Matrix Duo laminating systems. The Technology enables Perfect Bound and PUR Bound book covers to be laminated both sides and stay perfectly flat. Curl on book covers is a significant problem in the printing industry, mainly overcome by using expensive specialist films. The Flatbook cuts out a channel of film as it laminates, leaving the inside spine unlaminated. This allows the adhesive to stick to the spine and not the laminate. The result is a perfectly bound flat book. The width of the spine can be adjusted quickly and easily, meaning that books can be created whether they have 50 pages or 500. Flatbook will revolutionise the way that PUR and Perfectly Bound book covers are created. There is also a significant saving in the OPP film used and the type of paper stock, but most importantly, the end result is a perfectly bound “Flatbook”. Flatbook is also a multifunctional device, as it can add a perforation to laminating film to aid sheet separation and will also cut film to a bespoke size. Perforation and cutting blades are included as standard and the unit can be easily adjusted in just a few minutes. A Take-Up unit can also be added, making the process even easier for the user.
Film Perforating System Designed to make your life easier, the perforator attaches to the top of the machine, to perforate the the film and make it easier to slit as your job comes out laminated at the back of the machine without the need for a knife/scissors. The perforator can be moved to perforate the film at whatever width you require.
Functional mobile stand for better performance and performance. The Matrix Duo range of laminators are desktop models, however we do supply optional stands for them. The stands have a base plate to store any additional rolls of film and also they are on the wheels to make moving your Matrix Duo simple.
Recommended consumables

You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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