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Manual & fully automatic cycling modes

Servo system for automatic setting of side knives with measurement display

Single knife and two-knife function for other post-binding processes

Hydraulic top clamp with adjustable pressure

1000 programme memory

Electrically interlocked guarding with instant motor brake

Waste discharge belt

Motorised delivery belt

On-screen monitoring & guiding of electrical or mechanical faults

Quick-change top clamp


Choosing a guillotine, advices

What types of guillotines are available in the market? Which one I should buy for my business? Before selecting your g ...

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Three-sided, fully hydraulic guillotine for cutting paper bodies up to 125 mm high. This is a quality made hydraulic guillotine with an all cast iron body and represents the latest developments in the field. The KAYM guillotine is built to be reliable and durable. It is a semi-automatic stand-alone device for three-sided trimming of stacks of paper or bound book bodies. It offers 2 modes of operation and the creation of up to 1000 individual recipes for work.
The KAYM guillotine has a large 24.5 cm touch screen operated with PLC control. The controlling touch screen serves to visualize all working functions, as well as to perform machine maintenance. Clearly understandable symbols/commands make the machine easy and intuitive to operate for any operator with basic knowledge. Up to 1000 individual job recipes can be stored.
KAYM TR 46X30 PLS has a hydraulic drive of the presser foot and cutters. It is compact and stable, designed to be a faithful assistant to any business in the field of offset and/or digital printing. Thanks to the hydraulics, all media and materials can be cut with this machine: either fine, where the flap pressure needs to be very "gentle", or hard/cardboards, requiring strong and stable pressure to get a sharp, straight cut from the three sides.
The installation of reliable components is at the heart of any quality machine, so the manufacturer Kaym Machine has installed professional electronics and electrical components as well as mechanical parts in the guillotine. All this has been done to ensure long and busy use. In addition to the standard equipment, it is possible to order a number of options for this professional three-sided guillotine. Based on your specific needs, you can upgrade your KAYM three-sided guillotine to optimize it for your workflows.
Precise and "gentle" drive in two main modes of operation! The first mode is the so-called "Continuous mode" where the finished cut book (or books) is automatically pushed to the rear at the conveyor (option) or production pick-up table. The other option is to select "Return mode (of the book)". The book is then manually placed into the gripper, automatically trimmed, and then automatically returned to the operator, from where the next batch is unloaded and loaded.
A relatively common occurrence in the digital printing market is a situation where the final stage of book production - trimming is compromised when using a standard straight knife/guillotine. The narrow longitudinal clamp does not have the shape of a newly bound book and often flattens it at the edges (where it is glued) and can tear away some of the edge corners of the book. The only option (if it can be done) is to reduce the pressure, but this can result in losing control of the book and causing it to shift when cutting. The KAYM TR 46X30 PLS can be programmed to make two separate cuts of the book: the first "roughly" formats it and the second "gently shaves it" (within a millimeter). This way, perfectly trimmed bound books come out at the push of a button.
Our KAYM three knife trimmer has a whole surface clamp firmly holding the book or pile in position throughout the cutting process where the two sides and fore edge are cut almost simultaneously. It is the correct tool for the job!
The first paper cutting guillotine "Made in Turkey" was produced by KAYM in 1957 and since then we have been the only Turkish manufacturer of paper cutting guillotines. KAYM MAKINE was founded in 1945 as a general purpose machine manufacturing company. The then company "BUYUKKAYNAK" was founded by three brothers and until 1957, in addition to the production of guillotines, many other industrial machines were produced. After 1957, the production of guillotines for paper cutting was chosen as the main subject of specialization and the company has always been active only in this sector since then. Under the second generation of the Buyukainac family in the company starts, the production of hydraulic and electric machines, which are the basis of the guillotine business these days, began. Since 1995, the KAYM factory has been producing electronic and programmed paper cutting machines that comply with the ISO 9001 standard and the requirements for use in the EU. The company owns the rights to a number of original patent solutions in the field of mechanical engineering.

Technical parameters
  • Max. size for trimming 460 x 300 mm
  • Min. size for trimming 100 x 100 mm
  • Cutting height¹ 125 mm
  • Production speed 25 pieces/mm
  • Pressing hydraulic / automatic
  • Min. / max. valve pressure 3 / 25 kN
  • Number of blades 3 pieces
  • Dimensions of the blades in cm. 1 pc. (425x115x10) and 2 pcs. (63x115x10) mm
  • Stock for grinding cutters up to 35 mm
  • Autonomous control/activation of each cutter available
  • Control interactively via a 24.5 cm screen
  • Work programs up to 1000 with 75 lines each
  • Modes of operation manual and automatic 
  • Electronics Internet and Internet + USB
  • Construction for superior stability all-cast body 
  • Dimensions of the guillotine (W x D x H) 210 x 160 x 195 cm
  • Current / Power of the guillotine 230 V 50 Hz / 5.5 kW
  • Net weight 900 kg.
  • Options separator and conveyor

¹ With false clamp. ²  With side table. Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

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Choosing a guillotine, advices

What types of guillotines are available in the market? Which one I should buy for my business? Before selecting your g ...

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