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Professional, electric stapling machine

For saddle stapling, flat and Ωmeega stapling

Extremely durable stapling heads for pro users

Flat 24/6 or loop (Ωmega) Ri24/6 staples mechanism

Optionaly 26/6 and Ri26/6 possible

1-4 stapling heads

Standard maximum stapling thickness flat/loop up to 50 sheets 80 gsm (approx. 5 mm)

Optional head “9” for higher thickness 100 sheets,  possible only flat stapling (approx. 10 mm)


You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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A solid professional machine for wire stitching book bodies, with which it can quickly and easily grip a maximum of 100 sheets of 80g/m2 or 10 mm thickness (standardly supplied with heads for stapling bodies up to 5 mm thick or about 80 sheets 80 gr./m2). The working principle of the Grafcut X 14 - a strong blow on the clamp in order to obtain a "flat" looking seam. In this way, the volume of the stitched media is also reduced by about 30%, thanks to which, for example, you can put more documents in a file or store in a cabinet. The machine is ideal for copy centers, advertising agencies, offices and workshops; wherever stapled leaves are many and frequent.
Diversity of work processes. It's like having 3 different funktions in the body of one. You can stitch (with flat staples): documents, brochures, manuals, etc., plus you can also make so-called Ωmega stitching or loop one (activated with the same impact head). Built-in controls combined with whip pressure make binding with the Grafcut X-14 easy and convenient. Stapling is done by pressing a pedal, and the protective cover provides additional protection for the operator. You can adjust the wire insertion depth and adjust the impact force to get the desired product.
Every Grafcut X-14 machine comes standard equipped with a stitching head for both flat and so-called Ωmega staples. The staples with which it can work are two types depending on the installed head. As standard it comes with a head for 24/6 and Ωmega RI24/6 stitching, but if desired (stated when it ordering) the manufacturer can install reinforced impact heads for 26/6 and Ωmega RI26/6 staples. With the latter, book blocks with a thickness of up to 10 mm or 100 sheets of 80 g/m2 can be stitched.
A perfect choice for staple binding book blocks - whether for loose sheets or brochures. Thanks to the easily replaceable staples, it can handle both flat and saddle stitching at the same time by using flat staples and/or Ωmega/loop staples. From two up to four heads can be connected in parallel. This allows multiple stitchers at the same time. The sequence of heads is controlled so that the power grid cannot be overloaded.
Convenient positioning and adjustment of the positioning arm and adjustable back ensure perfect alignment to the book body, and uniform hemming distance is optimized to achieve the best possible results. The Grafcut X-14 is a compact, quiet and useful device for the stitching of all types of media (uniform and/or heterogeneous) and serves to expand your offer of high-quality book bodies at a customer-acceptable unit price.
The media stitching workflow is activated by pressing a pedal, thus leaving the operator's hands free to manipulate the book body. The machine has several built-in protections to avoid accidental finger pricks from the wires or other inconveniences.
Ergonomic design. Thanks to its good design, you will be able to work for many hours continuously without fatigue with this binding device. Whether you are standing or sitting. Grafcut X-14 does not limit you in anything. The functional design of the machine offers a good overview over the stitching head.
From the point of view of professional use, we strongly recommend the use of staples produced by well-known brands, because only in this way you can guarantee constant quality and trouble-free jobs. Reputable manufacturers offer staples made of "hard" steel and shock-resistant (they do not bend on the front side of the stitched product). Separately, their staples are mainly made of galvanized metal and accordingly - they do not rust, which would lead to damage to the manufactured product and a complaint from the customer. Sometimes cheap comes out expensive!

Technical parameters
  • Machine type electric stapling machine for saddle stapling, flat and loop (Ωmega) stapling of paper
  • Standard stitching thickness1 head for 80 sheets (80g/m2) or 5 mm thick
  • Max. stitching thicknes2 head for 100 sheets (80g/m2) or 10 mm thick
  • Distance between stapling heads 48 - 245 mm
  • Loading/inserting the media manually
  • Activate the process of stapling electric, by pushing a pedal
  • Max. number of stapling heads in 1 machine3 up to 4
  • Speed 88 cycles per minute
  • Stapler capacity 300 pcs (№24 type staples) or 400pcs (№26 type staples)
  • Max. saddle stapling size 298 mm, A3 format (open format A2 + 10 mm)
  • Types of stapling saddle, stab stitched, loop (Ωmega)
  • Used staples4 24/6 & Ωmega Ri24/6 or 26/6 & Ωmega Ri26/6
  • Noise level <70 dB (A)
  • Diagnosis and maintenance daily, by an operator with basic skills
  • Current / frequency / power 220-240 V / 50 Hz; 0.18 kW
  • Dimensions (W х D х H) 540 × 535 × 930 mm
  • Nett weight with 1 head 28 kg. / with 2 heads of 30 kg.
  • Additional options head “9” for higher thickness for staples type 26 and / or for type 24 heads

The technical data is approximate. Pictures are only for illustrative purposes. Possible changes in price without a notice.
1 Depends on the type of media. The thickness of the stitching body can be influenced by the ambient temperature in the room.
2 Only one stitching head for 24/6 & Ωmega RI24/6 is included in the price. Other heads can be ordered over time. They can be installed by anyone with basic technical skills.
4 Stitching heads for staples 26/6 & Ωmega RI26/6 shall be ordered separately and in the standard price they are not included.
5 All heads allow to be used in addition to flat stitching and loop type (Ωmega).

PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

Brochures and advertising materials

You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximate ...

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